Rooted in Clay studio is open to visitors! You may stop by and catch Shana at work making pinched pottery....

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Shana Brautigam is listed on the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Arts in Education and Community Arts Roster. ....

About Rooted in Clay

Firing with wood, the flames travel throughout the kiln, touching each pot and creating a range of beautiful earth tones and surface effects......

Events & Shows


 2017 Events


June 10, 10-4pm

broke: the affordable arts fair

Peterborough, NH

All work under $50!

July 1, 10-4pm

Cob Oven Building Workshop

Private home in Dover NH 

Cob ovens are built using a versitle material made by mixing clay, sand, and straw. We'll start off working on top of a stone foundation, building a sub-floor insulation layer using empty bottles, sawdust, and clay. Then the brick floor will be laid, creating a smooth and level baking hearth. Using damp sand, we'll shape the void of the oven. Building a solid mound of sand provides a structure to pack the cob onto. Participants will mix batches of clay and sand together using their hands and feet. Several layers of cob will be packed over the sand form to build up the dome. Once complete, this thick thermal mass layer will hold baking temperatures for hours. Cob ovens are great for baking pizzas, breads, pita pckets, roasting veggies, and much more!

Optional day 2: Work will continue Sunday. Participants are welcome to help out or stop by to see the progress. 

Sliding scale $70-$95

Registration and $20 deposit required





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